Daniel Hansen

Founder and CEO of OMNIA Global, Daniel Hansen

Founder and CEO of OMNIA Global, Daniel Hansen

Daniel Hansen started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of only 16, when he formed his first company and ventured through the tech industry within IT equipment, hotel booking software, remote backup and VoIP. The industry he was in was less important than his interest of scaling companies, and the journey is now focused on financial engineering of acquisitions and roll-ups with a public listing as the exit.

Today, the Danish native lives in Switzerland from where he runs his own non-conservative family office, OMNIA Global – a company that invests in likeminded entrepreneurs, deals and projects with a strong focus on the people involved and their mindset. OMNIA and Daniel Hansen are closely combined since the entrepreneur has transferred many of his beliefs onto the company.

As a person who sees opportunities everywhere, Daniel Hansen is a strong believer in constantly creating new dots that at some point in one way or another will connect in the end. This means that Daniel is constantly meeting new people, setting up meetings and calls and generally being on the move for large periods of the year. Meeting people, creating ideas, forming partnerships and traveling around the world is what fuels his mind and creativity. His main focus is on who the business partners are and which causes they are motivated by – the potential profits come second. The why is always the most important part in the aspects of doing business.

Daniel’s interest in finance comes from the experience and belief that the world is overflowing with ideas from great minds, but that it is with the execution of those ideas that most entrepreneurs struggle. The financing element of the execution of all the great ideas is often a large time consumer for most founders, and therefore, focusing on this element will create most value.

Daniel Hansen and OMNIA believe in transparency

Daniel Hansen strongly believes that partnerships, deals and investments can be done in a more transparent way which manifests itself in the way OMNIA is structured. By doing business with this mindset, there is a joint understanding that everyone wins. Furthermore, Daniel believes that entrepreneurs need fewer traditional VC/PE investment partners and more control and direct access to capital markets in order to be able to focus more on scaling and growing their businesses.

On the more personal side, Daniel is a foodie, wine lover and avid reader with a fondness of adrenaline sports, and he has a huge love for animals. His philanthropic endeavours and focus evolve around animals as well as the problems, which the human race causes to the planet and animals of all shapes and sizes. Daniel strongly believes that the issues of climate change can be solved through innovation, raising people of out poverty and innovative green energy.