The core of OMNIA is the entrepreneurial urge to create and develop – whether it is an idea, an innovative financial solution or a company


OMNIA is about being part of an innovative process on a daily basis – the end result is never a goal in itself. We are motivated by experiencing ideas become something greater. We are driven by our ability to reach the full potential of our subsidiaries, network, employees and charitable projects.


At OMNIA, we create in order to do better and smarter. We develop financial ideas and solutions, which are untraditional, unique and innovative, and we have the ability to think outside the box. Thereby, we constantly challenge our network and ourselves by developing and offering alternative financial solutions.

Creating the untraditional requires courage: Courage to stand out, to strive for the ultimate, and to do things in unconventional ways. Finally, our courage is what makes us capable of innovative thinking, which inspires both our employees and our network.


The characteristic of OMNIA is our ability to unite clients, partners, employees, projects, solutions and subsidiaries in surprising, new ways, and thereby, we create synergy between all components to accomplish the ultimate result. By connecting elements, we form the unique.

OMNIA is a constantly developing and growing company, which adapts to the current environment while encouraging our global network to do better.

To do better is internalised in our employees and integrated in everything that we do.

Do better

Code of conduct

  • We believe that we will be successful if our clients, investors and partners are successful

  • We strive to do better through our focus on entrepreneurship and financial development

  •  We are constantly curious, and we have the courage to create innovative solutions

  •  We are an agile organisation adaptable to the needs of the current environment, but with the urge to encourage our network to do better and thereby implement our mindset globally

  •  We focus on the individual - both in relation to our employees, network and partners

  •  We focus on quality of life and freedom, and therefore, our jobs are more than a pay check, investments are more than a return, and charity is more than a CSR strategy

  •  We preserve confidences and build enduring relationships based on trust and confidentiality

  •  We do not invest in companies which may cause harm to animals or the environment

  •  We communicate in a direct, friendly and respectful manner, and we do not facilitate or accept deceptive behaviour or communication

  •  We conduct our business in a responsible way and will not engage in practices, which are damaging to the image and interests of OMNIA

  •  We shall promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct and deal fairly and honestly with all business concerns

  • We will not disclose to third parties any confidential, financial or technical information acquired in the course of negotiations with potential investors or partners

  •  We shall require our colleagues, managers, partners and investors to abide by the above-mentioned rules

  •  We respect the right to privacy and collect and process personal and  customer data fairly, lawfully and transparently for legitimate business   purposes.
  • You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Innovative entrepreneurship

The team


Founder & CEO


Co-founder & COO


Managing Director of Private Equity




VP of Investment & Finance


President, OMNIA Entertainment LLC


Managing Director of Asset Solutions


Head of Structured Finance


Senior Investor Relations Manager


Managing Director, GCC Region


Director of Investor Relations, GCC Region


General Counsel


Communications Officer


IT Manager


Creative thinking in a conservative market

Partner programme

Together we expand our businesses

OMNIA is giving financial advisers, consultants, brokers, lawyers and auditors the chance to become part of OMNIA by entering our partner programme. Typically, you have a small business and would like to become part of OMNIA to get the advantages of being part of a global company and a strong brand. We benefit from your specialised competencies and network within your field, and together we are able to expand our businesses.


By becoming part of OMNIA’s brand, we are offering you a collaboration, and depending on how much you choose to get involved, you can become part of our team, benefit from our brand value and resources, as well as take part in our networking events. It all starts with an agreement on the level of the collaboration, and then the possibilities are endless.


If you are interested in expanding your company and becoming part of OMNIA, you can learn more about our partner programme by contacting us here.

Become part of the OMNIA family


Do you fit our mindset?


At OMNIA, we are always looking for qualified employees with an entrepreneurial and creative mindset, who are interested in contributing to our innovative and unique business. OMNIA attracts people who take initiative, are proactive and are able to take personal responsibility of their positions.

OMNIA’s success is based on the strong qualities of our employees. They are all hard-working people, who love going to work and contributing to the development of the company.

In return, we strive to develop the strengths of our employees, as well as assisting them in realising their full potential.

If you see yourself fit our mindset, please send us your CV together with your ideas for how you can contribute to the constant development of OMNIA.


Challenging traditional thinking

Daniel Hansen

OMNIA Global Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur Daniel Hansen has a unique outlook on the world of work, surrounding his business, collaborators and clients with people who are innovative, creative and as passionate about work as they are about quality of life. He has been building businesses his whole life, and he knows the mindset of entrepreneurs and the challenges they face.

Daniel founded OMNIA Global as an innovative investment house, which looks at the market in a unique way, with clients who have a mindset of freedom and financial independence.

He believes in challenging conventional thinking across financial markets, enabling growth for like-minded entrepreneurial people and projects. He creates smart financial solutions for people who want to do better – from family office services, equity leasing, asset-backed financing to funding film productions. “At OMNIA Global, we take nothing more seriously than the business of investing other people’s money, and treat it as if it is our own.”

His vision for the future is to expand the brand, using its own financial tools to expand the business through its subsidiaries, and to invest in other companies, which fit the OMNIA mindset. He’s also committed to developing the Omnia Foundation. For Daniel, the Omnia Foundation is personal, improving quality of life for people and animals that need help.

A Danish native living in Switzerland, Daniel is not your typical businessman. You will rarely see him in a suit and tie, and he prefers to hold meetings outside of traditional meeting room settings. He created his first company aged just 16, selling computers to farmers. He then ran a business making booking systems for the hospitality industry. Later Daniel worked in IP telephony, before turning his attention and business acumen to investments and creating OMNIA.