Creating synergy through innovative thinking


There are many ways to build a business. At OMNIA Global, it is all about creating something unique that changes how things are done for the better and greater – simply because we enjoy doing it.

We focus on companies ready to grow, and which are driven by the right people, and which are seeking a unique investor with a mindset like themselves. As an investor, we fund, grow and support – or leave you alone, all depending on what you need to succeed.

OMNIA is a company established by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, investing in companies looking for simplicity and an authentic partnership. We seek opportunities through competitive rates in an open capital market.

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Bespoke financing solutions

Structured finance

From SMEs and entrepreneurs to large key players in various sectors, OMNIA provides structuring solutions and support with regards to the complexities of the financial markets, which are steadily becoming more dynamic. New funding instruments have been designed to transform cash flows and reshape the liquidity structure of balance sheets through securitisation, allowing our portfolio and partnerships to receive off-balance sheet treatment, increase liquidity and finance projects.

Our team is able to deliver commercially-oriented advice with regards to the markets and the main technologies, which provide our projects and deals with the competitive edge they need to distinguish their business.

OMNIA is well-positioned to provide the following benefits to our projects:

  • Minimising issuer-specific limitations on ability to raise capital
  • Creating liquidity
  • Diversifying and targeting funding sources, investor base and transaction structures
  • Raising capital to generate additional assets or apply to other more valuable uses
  • Completing mergers and acquisitions, as well as divestitures more efficiently
  • Access to relevant and diverse team experience with a global footprint
  • Enhanced networking opportunities through OMNIA’s established network, portfolio companies and financing partners
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Bespoke solutions aligned with our projects and portfolio companies

Business engineering

We understand that in today’s competitive business landscape, many small and large enterprises are facing greater challenges to increase profits, develop new sales channels, undertake new marketing activities and reduce operational expenses.

Throughout the progression of OMNIA’s business footprint, we have had to experience the many life cycles a business has to endure and overcome. We understand the potential obstacles and how to identify the opportunities.

Our history, coupled with the distinct opportunity to establish an outstanding global network of equity and debt providers, positions OMNIA as a strong partner to help optimise the growth and expansion of our projects and portfolio companies.

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