Fine art asset solutions

Optimise the value of your fine art

OMNIA manages fund structures for collectors, foundations and institutions, which allow leverage against high value luxury assets with the purpose of generating liquidity and cash flow as well as releasing equity.

The underlying structure vary depending on the client’s exact situation, although it is usually done through an AIF scheme under Luxembourgish law where the assets are held and the investment framework is executed within.

We have an extensive, international network within the art world as well as in-house experts. All prospective clients and assets undergo due diligence lead by OMNIA, who work with highly reputable independent experts internationally.

Aside from providing overall guidance in terms of more traditional methods of asset finance, our longstanding experience in the sector allows our team to provide clients with innovative solutions within the sector.

Our goal is to provide maximum liquidity to our clients within flexible and affordable structures.

Capital markets

Structuring securities and financial instruments

OMNIA’s multidisciplinary approach allows our structured finance team to work closely with professionals from capital markets in order to provide clients with full-service solutions and address their funding requirements by structuring novel securities and utilising a vast range of financial instruments and disciplines to keep up with the fast-paced market setting.

Corporate lending

Financing without appraisal of collateral

Our structured finance practice tackles various forms of corporate loans including syndicated loans and structured finance, as well as financing receivables and future cash-flows. Cash flow lenders are typically focused on businesses with adequate levels of growth and margins - the advantage of this method is that a company can possibly obtain financing much faster, as an appraisal of collateral is not required.