Private equity

As we are entrepreneurs ourselves, we are focused on the founder – not on the exit

Our strategy offers roll-ups, debt financing, leverage buyouts as well as private to public growth plans. We seek equity investments focused on using the capital debt market, and we invest in privately held SMEs with strong growth, which are run by like-minded entrepreneurs.

As the entrepreneur, you are looking for growth and a partner that will help you grow – not through traditional funding rounds, but through the possibility of going public as part of a growth strategy and not an exit strategy. At OMNIA Global, we provide you with the possibility of becoming part of a listed entity as an alternative route for founders.

Strategic investments

We are always open to new opportunities and exciting possibilities that will have an impact on tomorrow

Our strategic investments benefit our portfolio companies through synergy, or they provide access to new markets – both of which are vital parts of our overall strategy.

At OMNIA Global, we manage our portfolio actively by constantly building additional value to our companies, and we create synergy between all components to accomplish the ultimate result. Through our strategic investments, we connect and add the missing dots by being visionary.

Real estate

Investing in entrepreneurial real estate companies

At OMNIA Global, we focus on investing in real estate companies driven by entrepreneurs in Western Europe, North America and other developed regions. Our focus is primarily on cash flowing portfolios, and secondarily on development projects with a completion timeframe within 18-24 months.

We are looking for entrepreneurial-driven portfolios without current institutional equity investors, which are searching for a growth or a joint venture partner or a full or partial exit.