Sponsored bus for Motorsport for LIFE

OMNIA was well represented at the presentation of the bus we are sponsoring for Motorsport for LIFE


At this season’s sixth DTC race (Danish Thundersport Championship) on Jyllandsringen in Silkeborg, Denmark, OMNIA attended the presentation of a redecorated bus, which Omnia Foundation is the main sponsor of, together with Motorsport for LIFE and children with chronic illnesses. With the bus, which will be completely redesigned on the inside to fit the needs of chronically ill children, Motorsport for LIFE will be able to bring more children to the racetracks, and thereby organise more events for the children.


Motorsport for LIFE is the result of many voluntary souls who organise the events, but is also based on the participation of the professional drivers. At the event on Jyllandsringen, the entire Motorsport for LIFE team, including the children and OMNIA, were invited to meet the drivers, get autographs and pictures and not the least to see the race cars – a great experience for all.


The Motorsport for LIFE children were invited to be part of the race. They each got a flag representing a driver, and then stood next to their cars on the racetrack. Afterwards, when the race began, they were watching the race from the inner circle – which also meant they had front row seats to the driver, Casper Elgaard’s dramatic crash that ended the race. Luckily, Casper Elgaard was able to get out of the car walking despite his car being completely damaged.


Motorsport for LIFE is a charity organisation fulfilling the dreams of chronically ill children. With the help from Danish motor sport and other helpful people they organise car events at Danish hospitals and at professional motor sport races, in order to give children and their families a break in an otherwise challenging daily life.

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