OMNIA Private Equity AG

For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

OMNIA Private Equity AG is a natural extension of our business, and although related to OMNIA Capital Ltd., it deserves its own focus and a platform for sharing the companies that we invest in through OMNIA Private Equity AG.


OMNIA Private Equity AG invests in unlisted privately held companies run by the right people. Put in another way, we invest in people, as the business area of the companies is less important. We invest in companies with only a few private equity and/or venture capital fund investors on board already.

We use the public market to raise capital and hedge our risk, not to dilute the entrepreneur after we get on board, and we always let the entrepreneur have full control of his/her company.

Ultimately, it is about believing in the companies that we invest in – that the strategy, budgets and management have what it takes to make it. Then we will be the final investor with the same entrepreneurial mindset as the entrepreneur.