OMNIA launches

To increase the focus on our charity work, we are launching

OMNIA has been doing charity work for years, and now we are launching a platform to spread the philosophy of the inspiring projects we get involved in. On, we tell the stories about each project and we launch news on a regular basis.


Omnia Foundation was established as a spin-off from OMNIA to enable the charitable distribution of all the proceeds from operating OMNIA and its subsidiaries. The mission for Omnia Foundation is to give back where we can make a perceptible difference, and where we can have a personal relation, genuine dedication and, ideally, a direct involvement in the projects.


Omnia Foundation is focused on supporting smaller projects and organisations, and particularly those run by like-minded people: True, passionate entrepreneurs with a mission to make a difference.

By intelligently leveraging the financial tools and models, which we have developed and adopted in OMNIA to serve our international clients, Omnia Foundation optimises the deployment of our funds to maximise output.

We simply employ the possibilities of the global financial scene to achieve a higher yield in our charitable endeavours.


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