OMNIA expands portfolio with Gravity Global

Through this expansion we establish unique synergy between PE investments, business development and branding

OMNIA Private Equity AG is investing in Gravity Global, further expanding our portfolio and providing our other clients with access to world-class brand building and public relations services. Gravity harnesses the strength of an established global network with new technology to deliver branding and communications solutions that support a company’s growth and drives commercial success.


Gravity Global was formed in 2009 and is one of the world’s leading global branding agency groups with access to over 500 marketing professionals around the world. Gravity Global focuses on serving Business-to-Business (B2B) clients on a global scale while securing brand value for clients by accelerating business growth through smart business strategy, reputation management and lead generation. Gravity is award-winning and has demonstrated true commercial success for its clients including the most commercially successful campaign award for CFM International, the world leader in aero engine manufacture.

Gravity Global delivered an impressive pitch win performance in 2015 of 80% and is showing significant growth potential.

The agency has a down-to-earth attitude, taking its time to fully understand who its clients are, what they stand for and where and how they would like to grow. Gravity has proven experience within a wide variety of business sectors and working for a broad range of blue-chip clients past and present including London Stock Exchange, Airbus, NetJets, CFM International, HSBC, Aviva Investors, Henderson Global Investors, Investec, Bosch, Mazda, Lotus, the St Lucia Tourist Board, Carlson Wagonlit Travel to name but a few.

You can find more information about Gravity Global here.

The founders of Gravity


The joint forces between OMNIA and Gravity Global are not only based on traditional investment, but will accelerate activities within business development and branding in-house and for new clients and at the same time offering an expanded B2B and business investment network, initial public offering and business lifestyle management.

There is a unique synergy between OMNIA and Gravity Global. Together we combine customer-oriented business development and world-class branding and communications. We have the same mindset and mission: to make business fun, innovative, successful and best-in-class, worldwide.


Branding is the process of creating distinctive and durable perceptions in the minds of customers. A brand is a unique business identity that embodies positive associations of personality, quality, style, reliability, desirability and more.

It is commonly said that if you show a person two identical products, only one of which is branded, the person will almost always believe that the branded item is of higher quality and value. Of course, branding alone cannot replace good quality, but a strong brand supports true business growth, and is recognized worldwide and among your most valued stakeholders. Gravity Global creates, maintains and empowers brands worldwide.