Life in the fast lane

I don’t know if I’ll ever settle for the status quo.

Of course I’m happy with the life that I’ve worked so hard to create for myself, my family and friends, but I’m just not the kind of person who says ‘this will do’.


Ever since I was a kid I’ve been the same – I’ve always had the same relentless urge to create new things and to try and develop the next big idea. For me, it’s what business is all about – the journey, the part where you get to come up with creative solutions to people’s problems is the fun bit. It’s the time when I think I’m really at my best and feel most alive – when I get the chance to work with interesting, inspiring people with the clients and projects I love.


Another aspect of work that I most enjoy – particularly in terms of the clients I have relationships with via OMNIA Entertainment – is the sheer pace of what we do. Again, I’ve never been one for waiting around. I’m always keen to get things moving – and I love to surround myself with the kind of people who work in the same way. It’s not to say that I rush into things (although I’ll freely admit I have done sometimes in the past) – but I like to work quickly, in a fast-paced environment. That’s why the areas I’ve built my businesses in – technology, entertainment and fashion – suit me so well.


So what do all of these sectors have in common? Well, innovation and creativity are fundamental to all of them – but also a bit of courage is needed in these kinds of businesses. The environment that OMNIA Entertainment is operating in – Hollywood’s film industry – is one of the most cut-throat, creative and competitive on the planet – so there is no time for half-hearted ideas or the same old, same old. And I love that – it’s a place where things move quickly, but where opportunities come up all the time for us – so, we need to be ready to make smart investments and finance projects that will provide a strong return for our business.


It’s an environment that also suits the way I like to work. Hollywood runs on relationships – and I’ve always been really certain that I want to do business with people, not companies. It’s a working philosophy that I can honestly say hasn’t failed me yet – I get out there, I meet people, I ask questions and I listen to their stories, and I do business with the people I really engage with.

That point about stories is an important one too – because it’s often the stories of the people I talk to that really drive me. Obviously Hollywood is in the story-making business, and I love having the opportunity to play a part in helping other people’s dreams become a reality.


So, I’ve always been drawn to sectors that are fast-paced. I enjoy the relentless creativity and the passion of people who work this way – I seek them out and I try to learn from them. And I also love just how fun it can be to work at this speed – no day is ever the same, and you’re never quite sure what is around the corner. Every meeting – whether it’s one pencilled in your diary or a chance encounter with someone who just grabs your attention one day – is an opportunity. It’s a chance to grow, a chance to be creative, and a chance to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

That’s something that’s well worth moving quickly for.

– Daniel Hansen