Kicking off the season with Motorsport for LIFE

April marks the beginning of the new season for bringing children to racetracks

On 24 April, this year’s first race in the Danish Thundersport Championship (DTC) will take place on Jyllandsringen, which also means that it is this time of year, where Motorsport for LIFE brings children with chronical illnesses to the racetracks. Motorsport for LIFE is a charity organisation, which organises car events, primarily at Danish hospitals and at DTC races, in order to give chronically ill children a break in an otherwise challenging daily life. Motorsport for Life is supported by Omnia Foundation.


This season marks the long-awaited launch of a bus, which Omnia Foundation is the main sponsor of. With the bus, which will be completely redesigned on the inside to fit the needs of chronically ill children, Motorsport for LIFE will be able to bring more children to the racetracks, and thereby organise more events for the children. It has been quite a challenge, much bigger than expected, to rebuild the bus, but now the bus is almost ready, and at OMNIA, we are very excited about seeing the final result and how big a difference it will make for the children.


At Motorsport for LIFE, they are brilliant at thinking outside the box – an aspect we can relate to at OMNIA, and which makes Motorsport for LIFE and Omnia Foundation such a great match. 2016 has two events ahead, which are great examples of this and how Motorsport for LIFE is brilliant at doing things their way.
In order to spread the message of Motorsport for LIFE, they will participate in this year’s Carbage Run: ”The ultimate five-days road trip through Europe in an old car”. It is a requirement that the car is at least 15 years old, and the car must be turned into a creative, festive and original version of itself, and Motorsport for LIFE will participate with an old Volvo Limousine. It will be possible to follow the car on its adventurous trip through Europe via live streaming and chats with the purpose of collecting money to the organisation and not the least to attract attention to Motorsport for LIFE.
You can read more about Carbage Run here.

Not the least, Motorsport for LIFE will participate in the soapbox car race at the Classic Race in Aarhus, Denmark – Northern Europe’s best racing festival from 27-29 May. Together with Aarhus Tech, which also worked on the bus, Motorsport for LIFE has built four soapbox cars to be driven by four children from Motorsport for LIFE. Of course, OMNIA will be present at this great event, and we are looking forward to seeing Motorsport for LIFE and the children being part of the race.
You can read more about Classic Race here.


At OMNIA, we are excited about the coming season, and we are very happy to continue being proud sponsors of Motorsport for LIFE. Motorsport for LIFE is an organisation driven by fiery souls, who spend countless hours on making a difference for the children, and who believe that all children have the right to have fun – no matter what diagnosis they have.
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