Investing in global consumer protection

We are very excited about our involvement in Biggrey Trust as we believe in its huge global potential

Biggrey Trust is an exciting start-up, which just launched its services to the world – a certification for online shops and physical stores guaranteeing customers the same conditions worldwide. However, due to its high potential, the owner of the Danish company, Torben Albrekt, has chosen OMNIA Private Equity as, hopefully, his last investor before Biggrey Trust is taken public.


Biggrey Trust offers to certify retailers on a global scale using an IT-platform for case handling, which integrates a number of services such as return requests and warranty claims, for example. Together with certified stores, Biggrey Trust offers purchase protection of up to USD 5,000 – regardless of where in the world customers have performed their purchase. This is a unique service and protection not offered anywhere else.

By bringing stores and customers closer together, Biggrey Trust makes it easier and cheaper to attain new and more loyal customers, which ultimately enhances the opportunity to increase revenue. All information on the customers’ purchases and cases is stored using the integrated systems. In the future, this will allow Biggrey Trust to offer tailor-made marketing to certified stores based on information about shopper history.

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Through OMNIA Entertainment LLC and our content marketing partners, we will deliver a marketing platform as well as endorsement and product placement deals. It is our hope that this will speed up process towards 5000 shops signed for the certification provided by Biggrey Trust. With 5000 shops, Biggrey Trust will be ready to be taken public.
Creating synergy between our clients and partners is a unique part of OMNIA’s philosophy, and not the least a significant part of what separates us from traditional investors.

OMNIA Private Equity AG is an investment firm established by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and is investing in privately held companies, which are looking to skip the endless funding rounds towards success. Furthermore, our entrepreneurial clients are looking for an investor who contributes without disturbing, and who lets the entrepreneur focus on the actual business of his or her company.


We focus on entrepreneurs, who are seeking a unique investor with an entrepreneurial mindset like themselves. We are confident that is exactly what Biggrey Trust and Torben Albrekt found in OMNIA Private Equity AG. Torben Albrekt is a true entrepreneur himself – already as a 12-year-old, he started selling his toys on his own, and in school he rented out gloves for his classmates. At 18, he established his first company after dropping out of high school – by 23, that business had made him a millionaire.

Torben Albrekt says about OMNIA “The main reason for me to partner up with OMNIA is their straight forward and down to earth approach to investing. I can keep my DNA in the company and simultaneously grow faster through OMNIA’s database of endorsers and marketing platforms, not to mention the constant access to liquidity to build the company. I believe it is going to be quite an exciting venture”.

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In 2015, Torben Albrekt moved to Miami, Florida to launch Biggrey Trust in the U.S. Right now, Biggrey Trust is focusing on Europe and the U.S., and Torben Albrekt expects to use the raised capital on expanding Biggrey Trust further on a global scale. The goal is to have certified 2.5m stores within the next five years. We admire Torben’s ability to think big, starting out in the U.S., and not being afraid of focusing his business outside of the Danish border.

We want to take advantage of the first-mover effect and being part of Biggrey Trust’s journey. It is a very unique opportunity, as no company offers the same solution, and because of the ability to make Biggrey Trust scalable on a global scale, there are no limits to the development of this company. All it takes is to create attention, which is what OMNIA Entertainment LLC can provide. 

At OMNIA Private Equity AG, we share the enthusiasm and see a huge potential in Biggrey Trust, and we are therefore very excited about the future of this venture.