Introducing OMNIA Global – Do better

We are introducing our new brand strategy ”OMNIA Global” together with our new virtual playground:


By introducing OMNIA Global together with our new statement “Do better”, OMNIA is starting a new chapter – a chapter of increased focus on our brand and on our new digital platform The strategy includes rebranding all subsidiaries in order to make each subsidiary stand out with is own identity while emphasising the synergy between them.


OMNIA Global represents our mindset and philosophy – why we do what we do, whereas OMNIA’s subsidiaries represent what we do. Our philosophy is a vital part of the organisation, and is one that we want to communicate to our network.

At OMNIA, we create in order to do better and smarter. We develop financial ideas and solutions, which are untraditional, unique and innovative, and we have the ability to think outside the box.

About and our new statement “Do better”, Founder and CEO of OMNIA, Daniel Hansen says: “Doing better has always been our driving force and our vision, and with, we finally have a platform for showing who we are, and why we do what we do.”

OUR VIRTUAL PLAYGROUND is our virtual playground where we spread our ideas and share our experiences from around the world making a living platform. is about sharing the road to success – and having the courage to not just talk about succeeding, but also sharing our ideas, beliefs and views on the world.

We want our visitors to experience a feeling and our mindset. Our solutions will be presented on each subsidiary’s respective website.


Branding has become more essential – mainly due to the explosion of digital and social media. The value of a strong brand position cannot be overestimated, and this is the strategic argument for launching our new strategy of increased focus on the company and the culture behind our brand. Now, we have a platform to tell our stories, experiences and philosophy.

We hope you feel inspired to come play with us at our virtual playground.

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