100m USD partnership with Datang Entertainment

The first steps towards a global partnership have started

Datang International Entertainment Co., Ltd., OMNIA Private Equity AG and OMNIA Entertainment LLC met for the first time at the Oscars earlier this year, and they are now pleased to announce their long term partnership where Datang International Entertainment will join in on investments in the OMNIA Private Equity AG portfolio.

As part of the partnership, OMNIA Entertainment LLC will help Datang International Entertainment launching their artists in the United States as well as drive high-end branding, product placement and celebrity endorsements.

Datang International Entertainment Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based company principally engaged in the production of feature films. In addition to producing and distributing movies and TV dramas, Datang also provides artist management services.

Director Alice Wang, the Chairman of Datang, finished six feature films in 2015, which are in post-production and will be released in 2016. Currently, the company has focused on facilitating international collaboration between entertainment and media companies in Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

Strong growing entertainment business

Datang International Entertainment has presented a strong and healthy growth over the last years, and it is planned that Taiwan Concord Capital Securities (HK) Ltd. will present Datang International Entertainment on the stock market next year.

Top left: Ian Feng – Planning Director at Datang International Entertainment Co., Ltd. Top middle: Alice Wang – Director and chairman at Datang International Entertainment Co., Ltd. Top right: David Cheng – Vice Chairman of Concord Securities Co. Down left: Candy Wang – Actress, singer and song writer. Down middle: Mette Hansen – COO of OMNIA. Down right: Daniel Hansen – CEO of OMNIA.

Excited collaboration partners

“Beside a serious financial investment in the portfolio companies of OMNIA Private Equity AG, we see a huge potential of various synergy effects and additional added value to both parties when actively linking knowhow, skills and products of Datang International Entertainment with our celebrity endorsement services through OMNIA Entertainment LLC, alternative financial solutions in the entertainment business, as well as high-end branding and marketing” says the Daniel Hansen, CEO of OMNIA Global.


Alice Wang is also very excited about the collaboration and state that:

“We see OMNIA as a strong actor on the American and European market, which can help us grow beyond our own expectations and at a much faster scale while combining it with a strong entrepreneurial mindset”.

The partnership between Datang International Entertainment and OMNIA will bring together the East and the West while letting artists, film producers as well as innovative financial solutions for the entertainment business come together. “Many Chinese investors are looking for attractive American entertainment projects to invest in. The partnership with OMNIA will now make it possible to facilitate this demand” – says Alice Wang.