The Dot Connectors by OMNIA Global – Coming Soon…

Mon 14 Jun

The Dot Connectors by OMNIA Global – Coming Soon…

The Dot Connectors by OMNIA Global – Coming Soon… The Dot Connectors

The Dot Connectors brought to you by OMNIA Global

Welcome to this exciting podcast series which will provide insight into some of the world’s most creative founders entrepreneurs and the journey they have been on; navigating the conservative world of funding, investment vehicles and going public. We will also be talking to subject matter experts about financial engineering and how to connect the dots between the financial world and business development. Our guests will comprise founders entrepreneurs located around the world and from an array of sectors, as well as eminent experts from the financial services industry who have many years’ experience working alongside founders entrepreneurs wanting to scale their companies. Our CEO – Daniel Hansen will feature throughout the episodes and provide his views and tips.

But who are we? We are OMNIA Global and we are the dot connectors; we connect the dots between creative founders & entrepreneurs looking to grow an already successful business, and those working in the more conservative world of financing and investment. OMNIA Global is an entrepreneurial family office specialising in alternatives and private to public investments. OMNIA Global exists on the basis of first-generation self-made wealth, and so we search for like-minded fiery souls to invest in and with, while addressing the pitfalls of traditional investment frameworks.