Operators are bombarded with charter requests receiving literally hundreds of requests via email each day, which requires increased staffing to cope with the speculative demand. In addition, most flights are not used to their optimal efficiency due to lack of scale with operators and owners constantly looking to reduce flight management costs. In order to transform this traditional and manually intensive approach and ineffective flight usage, VoyagAir Green will build a technology platform to deliver a structure, which will provide instant charter quotes whilst identifying the most environmentally efficient aircraft and operators to fly with.


VoyagAir Green’s unique web portal will not only be used by consumers, but also brokers and operators and the like. The multiuser portal will therefore not only aim for the consumer, but also deliver outsourced services and support directly to the operators to help them reducing costs and increase revenue. VoyagAir Green is designed to maximise charter sales revenue through innovative solutions and ease of access to the market.

With 75% of business aircraft charter sales conducted through brokers, VoyagAir Green will deliver instant access for consumers and brokers alike through its instant flight web portal.


Although this investment is in its earlier stages, it is based on the extensive experience of Graeme Deary, the founder of VoyagAir Green and co-founder of the most successful private jet charter company NetJets, his network and successful track record. Graeme brings years of experience and a huge network within the private jet charter industry, and he has a successful track record of building businesses.


At OMNIA Private Equity AG, we consider ourselves to be the untraditional private equity investor who can bring new aspects to the table at VoyagAir Green – especially in terms of business development and worldwide branding possibilities within endorsement deals and our product placement and celebrity endorsement partners through OMNIA Entertainment, as well as Diply.com, one of the biggest within social media marketing and content marketing.

The role of OMNIA Entertainment LLC is to provide attention and marketing in the form of product placement and endorsement within the film industry in order to make the world aware of VoyagAir Green. The president of OMNIA Entertainment LLC, Joey Paul Jensen, is an award-winning casting director, producer, acting coach and show business mentor with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Joey has her own full-service casting company, JP Casting, with over 60 feature film credits and more than 500 hours of episodic television. For more information, please go to OMNIA Entertainment LLC

As part of the further brand building, VoyagAir Green will be branded in cooperation with our product placement and celebrity partners and Diply.com through celebrity endorsements, product placement, social media marketing and content marketing.


By partnering up with Diply.com, we can deliver high inflow of visitors to our companies’ websites, and thereby potential clients through their marketing platform. Diply.com is a sharing platform connecting users with the things they love to see online. Since the launch of Diply.com in November 2013, the platform has replaced Pinterest as the fastest growing site worldwide, and now sits at a spot in the top 500 websites globally.


The investment in VoyagAir Green is just another example of OMNIA’s mind-set, whilst not only investing in raw cash-flow and business expansion, we want to disrupt the entire private jet charter industry in order to help it become more customer-friendly, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable. Time is money, and we experience a high demand for travelling in exclusive comfort, whenever you want, with ease and as fast as possible. Therefore, we will be able to offer our existing and future clients exclusive access to private charter jets, so that they can easily organise luxury transportation here and now.

Graeme Deary says about VoyagAir Green’s partnership with OMNIA: “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with OMNIA and the team who will bring a great deal of strength, drive and innovation to VoyagAir Green. The development of the businesses will be greatly enhanced through their professionalism and refreshing approach to the industry. As a partner, we feel that collectively there are significant opportunities ahead and through challenging traditional business methods we believe that our fresh, new and technology driven applications will help to transform the market into a cleaner and more efficient place”.

Read can read more about our private equity investments on omniape.com