It is with great pleasure that we announce that OMNIA Private Equity has acquired Element Fyn – a successful company that installs concrete elements on huge constructions. The company was established in 2013, and it has been growing with impressive speed since. Over the last two years, Element Fyn has experienced growth rates of 340% and kept the profit on a level that is higher than the market average. 


The company’s CEO, Jørgen Svend Jespersen, has been working with different elements of construction for years. With his extensive knowledge and experience of the many facets of huge constructions, he has helped building a successful company with a turnover that sets the company ahead of its competitors.


For Element Fyn, OMNIA Private Equity has the right setup matching our ideas of how to run the company.
Jørgen Svend Jespersen, CEO, Element Fyn

According to Jørgen Svend Jespersen, the success of the company comes down to three elements: Their professionalism, thinking out of the box and not the least never missing a deadline, which is absolute key when being just a brick in the great puzzles, which huge construction sites are.


Element Fyn has always been driven by doing things differently than its competitors – an element making OMNIA Private Equity appeal to the company. At OMNIA we do things our way, and by becoming part of our listed company, Element Fyn now becomes part of a larger portfolio, which provides access to bigger contracts through the collected balance sheet of portfolio companies.

Having known and followed Element Fyn for several years, it was an obvious acquisition for OMNIA Private Equity. Combining the knowledge from both companies will definitely make Element Fyn grow into an even bigger success.
Thomas Lillesø, Investment Director, OMNIA Private Equity 


At OMNIA Private Equity, we have known the CEO and the results he has been able to build with Element Fyn for some years, and we see a great future for the company. We are confident that as partners together with Jørgen Svend Jespersen and the rest of the Element Fyn team we will be able to continue the growth rates. This make Element Fyn an obvious investment for OMNIA Private Equity to include in our portfolio, which will soon be publicly listed.

For more information, go to elementfyn.dk (in Danish only) or omniape.com