Board a Boat is an online peer-to-peer boat hire marketplace targeting people who are looking to buy a boating experience rather than the actual boat. Board a Boat offers a user-friendly platform, which provides customers with the possibility of hiring a boat with professional skippers through their marketplace connecting boat owners with people looking to hire a boat.


The company is part of a trend, which we have recently seen with car sharing, for example, and now there is also a company offering boating experiences made easy by not having to rent you own captain etc. Board a Boat makes boating safe and easy by encompassing regulations, insurance and on-water support and payment.

Boat owners can make their boat available to hire easily directly on the platform rather than having a boat that is docked in harbour most of the year. Thereby, Board a Boat has also made it much simpler to hire out your boat as the owner.

As a client of Board of Boat all you need to do is enter Board a Boat’s online platform, and within a few clicks you will have a boat at your disposal for your next vacation. To see for yourself, please click here.

Your place on the water! Look no further for exciting boating experiences on the Mediterranean. Board a Boat has a selection of trusted and verified itineraries for you to choose from. We've done all the hard work for you for researching and connecting knowledgeable and skilled locals; all you need to do is select your trip, sit back and enjoy your time on the water.


Board a Boat was established by Frank Sykes, who is an experienced sailor and boat hirer himself. He saw a market for boat hiring when he wanted to hire his boat, but found it way too complicated. Also, Frank Sykes was not able to find a place for people just looking for the boating experience and not having to buy the actual boat. The only option where to build the company himself – so he did!

Frank Sykes has more than 17 years of experience working in various industries and sectors, including PWC, Citibank, Yahoo and Telegraph Media Group, to bridge internet technologies with business needs. His experience has spanned across smaller start-ups to larger corporate organisations with a specialty in covering the EMEA region. A real passion of his is in driving for business growth with technical online solutions at scale.

Frank Sykes says about Board a Boat’s involvement with OMNIA: “At OMNIA, they share my vision but also see a highly scalable business, which has some great synergies with some of their other businesses. Board a Boat has to have a very strong operations team. By bringing in OMNIA, we are able to leverage their talented management arm and content marketing agency to make Board a Boat a true leader in this space".


At OMNIA Private Equity AG, we believe in the huge global potential of Board a Boat. The boating experiences are available all over the world, and all administration will be handled online, which makes it easily scalable, so we are very excited about the future of the company. With their unique approach to boating experiences, where Board a Boat structures the entire boating experience, all it takes is to create attention to the brand.

Furthermore, we will enjoy the advantages of the synergy between Board a Boat and OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd., as our yachts will be used for yachting experiences through Board a Boat. You can read more about OMNIA Super Yachts Ltd. on omniasuperyachts.com


At OMNIA Private Equity AG, we consider ourselves to be the untraditional private equity investor who can bring new aspects to the table at Board a Boat – especially in terms of business development and worldwide branding possibilities within endorsement deals and our product placement and celebrity endorcement partners through OMNIA Entertainment LLC, and Diply.com, one of the biggest within social media marketing and content marketing.

The role of OMNIA Entertainment LLC is to provide attention and marketing in the form of product placement and endorsement within the film industry in order to make the world aware of Board a Boat. The president of OMNIA Entertainment LLC, Joey Paul Jensen, is an award-winning casting director, producer, acting coach and show business mentor with more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Joey has her own full-service casting company, JP Casting, with over 60 feature film credits and more than 500 hours of episodic television. For more information, please go to omniaentertainment.com

As part of the further brand building, Board a Boat will be branded in cooperation with our partners through celebrity endorsements, product placement, social media marketing and content marketing.


By partnering up with Diply.com, we can deliver high inflow of visitors to our companies’ websites, and thereby potential clients through their marketing platform. Diply.com is a sharing platform connecting users with the things they love to see online. Since the launch of Diply.com in November 2013, the platform has replaced Pinterest as the fastest growing site worldwide, and now sits at a spot in the top 500 websites globally.

According to Daniel Hansen, CEO of OMNIA: ”Board a Boat is a cool company, as they have potential in the scale of Uber within boating experiences – all it takes to grow is attention, attention and attention, which we are able provide through OMNIA Entertainment LLC and our partners”.

For more information, please go to omniape.com