Henning Borgersen is the Operational Manager of OMNIA Super Yachts and has been on this journey with OMNIA for more than five years.

 “It has been exciting to be part of OMNIA almost from the beginning. I’m confident that now we are where we are supposed to be.”
Henning Borgersen

Henning Borgersen has been sailing since he was eight, when his uncle took him sailing for the first time in his speedboat – he remembers being sold right away. He continued sailing by spending many hours after school crossing Svendborg-sund in Denmark with a classmate who had a sailboat. Henning’s first boat was a ”Skibsplast 460”, a small, but fast speedboat – maybe a little primitive, but really cool, Henning says. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by the calmness and energy that sun, water and air give you. A trip on the water is better than what any vitamins, minerals or psychiatrists can give you.” 
Henning Borgersen

To Henning Borgersen, a motor yacht or a bigger sailboat is like a nice summer house – you have everything you need on board. You are surrounded by water, and if you do not like you neighbours you just sail somewhere else. “If you need some quiet time alone or to be with your friends or family, there is nothing better than being on the water far away from stress, noise and pollution,” Henning says.


Since his childhood on the water, Henning Borgersen has built up 35 years of experience with international business, development, business strategy and B2B, which has provided him with a huge network of clients and partners within a long list of industries. Henning is also a serial entrepreneur and built the first private marine in Denmark.

Henning Borgersen’s dream boat

Henning lives of his enormous and all-important network and has made a living out of his hobby. He has had a long career within buying and selling both new and used super yachts as well as within yacht chartering including charter management. Therefore, he is extremely experienced in finding the right yachts at spot price, in-house refitting and reselling them. 


To Henning Borgersen, the most important aspect of his businesses has always been having a great network. He has exported and sold many products around the globe, and thereby built up an extensive network which he is constantly in touch with.

“It is fascinating to know so many people around the world, who are all ready to help or to do business. The cultural differences and the necessary adaption to our differences are inspiring.”
Henning Borgersen

Over the years, Henning’s network has in many cases become really great friends. It is not one-way communication, but relationships and businesses being built in both directions, as most of his network is in one way or another related to the maritime world.


The first person to introduce Azimut (Italian yacht-manufacturing company) in Denmark was Henning Borgersen, and he has had a professional service centre with up to four Azimut yachts on display at a time to present to customers. Based on his experience, he is able to bring in all necessary knowledge of the maritime world – not only in terms of yachts but also of various industries related to the maritime world.

“OMNIA is unique to me as the company holds the necessary culture and skills to bring our common dreams alive. By bringing our networks together, we can make OMNIA Super Yachts a massive success.”
Henning Borgersen

According to Henning, OMNIA has a great energy filled with creativity that creates new business concepts making him believe in the extreme possibilities, which their combined networks offers.


For Henning Borgersen it has always been the ultimate dream to make a living out of his hobby – to combine his way of living with his business and hobby. His dream for OMNIA Super Yacht is to create a yacht group consisting of Charter, Charter Management, Yacht Management, Crew Management, Agency Service, Maintenance and Refit, Logistics and Administration, Yachts -  New and Used Purchase as well as Insurance, which all will be close partners.

“With Henning’s long career and extensive network, I am confident that we can build a strong marine group within OMNIA. Henning’s positive spirit wins hearts and minds of the best of breed entrepreneurs out there - and those are the ones we seek.”
Daniel Hansen, Founder and CEO, OMNIA 

If you are interested in reading more about OMNIA Super Yachts, go to omniasuperyachts.com