We are happy to announce that iRoots, a successful app development agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is now part of our extending portfolio.

iRoots was founded in 2009 by three programmers – “code nerds”, in their own words, when Martin Rahbæk Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder of iRoots, saw a huge potential in apps for iPhone. The touchscreen, powerful processor and multiple sensors made the iPhone very interesting and made it possible to combine these features with almost endless possibilities. Later, the iPad and Android devices came, which opened up for even more use cases for businesses and consumers.

Now, iRoots is a highly successful company hiring only the top 10% of young programmers and has a great track record with long term partnerships with big Danish companies.


With the growing number of companies interacting with OMNIA, iRoots sees a big potential for synergies with other partners in the organisation. As Martin Rahbæk Andersen says: “We value strong networks of professionals and look forward to use and build the network inside OMNIA”.

“I like the low bureaucracy attitude of OMNIA and their ability to think big.”
Martin Rahbæk Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder, iRoots


In the years to come, Martin Rahbæk Andersen expects iRoots to be working with new Danish and European companies. Besides the app development for iOS and Android devices, iRoots sees a trend for integrating with IoT devices over cloud solutions. iRoots is currently working on IoT and Big Data projects, and they expect this will be a growing business area in a time where everything gets more and more connected. Hopefully, iRoots will become an internationally acclaimed app development business with clients all around the world.

“We are using OMNIA as both advisors on business strategy and for seeking possible business opportunities inside the OMNIA network.”
Martin Rahbæk Andersen, CEO and Co-Founder, iRoots


At OMNIA, we see a great potential in iRoots and wish to contribute to the ongoing success of the company through our extended portfolio and the synergies among the portfolio companies. Furthermore, it has been obvious from the beginning that we share the same entrepreneurial mindset.

“The founders of iRoots have shown to understand how to be unique and to serve a market in need of highly skilled knowledge both within execution of coding, but also business development and understanding, which is why they are showing significant growth and high volume of returning customers from some of the biggest companies in their home market.”
Daniel Hansen, Founder & CEO, OMNIA Global

At OMNIA, we are excited about the promising future of iRoots and to see the synergies among the portfolio companies come into play.

To read more about iRoots, click here.